How do I pronounce your name?

  • Thank you for asking! Think of the name Denise and then change the first letter to a G! It should sound like “Ja-niece.” Hope this helps!

Are you working on other books?

  • Yes, six in fact! Plus writing for video games. :) Phew!

How may I hire you for hosting, public speaking, and writing (novels, video games, lore, editing)?

  • Contact me at genese (at) genesedavis (dot) com. 

What is Assembly of Geeks and The Gamer's Dominion?

Where can I buy your novel The Holder's Dominion?

How can I get my copy autographed?

  • You can send $25.00 to the Paypal account: theholdersdominion (at) gmail (dot) com (be sure to include full name and address). Also, keep an eye out for my upcoming book tour. If I'm near your town please stop by. I'd love to see you!

Is there a target audience for The Holder's Dominion?

  • The Holder's Dominion is about an unforgettable female hero who goes head-to-head with the world's most elusive hacker. If you enjoy action-packed, heartfelt thrillers, this book is for you! 
  • The Holder's Dominion takes place on a college campus and therefore can be categorized into a genre called “new adult,” meaning college-age characters, but the story can also be categorized into the genre "young adult," because the foundation of this story revolves around that “shove” we all go through into adulthood. When we leave the nest, we’re forced to grow up quickly. Beyond our high school days are powerful new-adult stories that occur much like Kaylie's experience when she faces "The Holder."

What are your specialities?

  • Writing:
    • Genres
      • Fantasy
      • Sci-fi
      • New Adult
      • Young Adult
      • Action/Adventure
      • Thriller
      • Gamer-lit
    • Video Game | Transmedia
      • Overarching Story Lines & Lore
      • Narrative Design
      • Characterization
      • Species Design & Bestiaries
      • World-building
      • Story Design / Arcs
      • Weapon Design
    • Screenplays
    • Theater Plays
    • Columns
  • Host:
    • TV Shows
    • Web series
    • Talk Shows
    • Podcasts
  • Speaking Topics:
    • Writing
    • Plot / Story / Character Development
    • Video Games
    • Forging Creativity & Inspiration
    • Promotion & Platform Building
    • E-Sports
    • Female Protagonists
    • Much more, just ask!

Where can I send fan mail?

  • Contact me below for more information.

What formats will your books be published in?

  • My books are available in print from all major chains and in e-book format for iBooks, Kindle, Nook, and other e-readers. 

Where did you study writing?

  • I received my B.A. in English from the University of Texas at Austin, with minors in theatre and Spanish.

Have you always been a writer?

  • Short answer, no, not always. Long answer: my mother recently mailed me chapters of a book I started at eight-years-old. I had forgotten about that! I pursued finance, business, equestrianism, and kinesiology during college before studying playwriting and creative writing. When I committed to writing as a career, I switched my major to English and started writing novels in 2010.

I'm a writer, too! Would you read my manuscript?

  • If my schedule allows, I'd be glad to review your writing! My editing fee is $35 hourly. 
  • Send me an email requesting a review and we'll chat! Contact me at genese at genesedavis dot com, or message me on Google+ or @genesedavis on Twitter.
  • Make sure to send a word document with standard formatting. (12 point font, 1″ margins, and paginated)

How do I contact you?

Genese loves answering your questions! If you'd like to know anything else please feel free to utilize this web form or e-mail her at genese at genesedavis dot com. 

Thank you for reading and check back frequently because these questions get updated often.

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