Praise for The Holder's Dominion

The Holder’s Dominion is a heartfelt, fast-paced thrill ride that will appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike.” —Micky Neilson, New York Times-bestselling author

“Genese Davis is astonishingly deft at creating believable characters with a few sentences. You fall at once into Kaylie's world, thinking you're in for one story, and Davis sneakily takes you on another ride altogether. It will keep you turning the pages.” —Christie Golden, New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi—Ascension and World of Warcraft: Arthas—Rise of the Lich King

The Holder’s Dominion is a must-read for gamers. Davis has created an unusual and gripping college experience that highlights how video games can actually help people deal with issues in their real lives. My secret hope is that her strong heroine’s experiences in such a rich video game world inspires more women to enter the game industry and make a game that can be this immersive and life-changing.” —Billy Cain, vice-chairman, International Game Developers Association – Austin

“Davis creates both an everyday world and a world of adventure, then she laces them together and pulls tightly. If anyone implemented Edannair, I’d certainly want to play it!” Richard A. Bartle, PhD, Professor of Game Design, University of Essex

The Holder’s Dominion is a captivating adventure, a struggle through personal pain paralleled by the challenge to take on a mysterious leader, entirely real and curiously mystical. Each scene builds towards the next and Davis draws in the reader with human emotions and relatable characters, enhanced by a vivid fantasy realm.” —Jacob Horning, musician and video game expert

"Ms. Davis descriptions of the online world of Edannair were so detailed, so beautiful, amazing and intriguing . . . I will definitely recommend ‘The Holder’s Dominion' to anyone and everyone, not just readers of a genre or videogamers. It is an amazing story that flows beautifully, catches the reader’s interest very quickly and leaves you wanting more. My only question—will there be a sequel?—My Bookish Fairy Tale 

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“A complex and inventive tale, The Holder’s Dominion reveals the world of online gaming through revolutionary characters. Gaming has never looked more intriguing . . . or inviting.” —Kristian Nairn, actor

“Genese Davis is an author to watch.” —James Waugh, senior developer and entertainment executive

“An imaginative outing. Davis gives a post-modern take on a classic fantasy journey as a young woman steps away from a broken family and faces a larger world." —Alan Kistler, author and host of Crazy Sexy Geeks Podcast

The Holder’s Dominion was a very good read, and really makes one look forward to the further development and potential of the author. In particular, her ability to start a story and launch the reader into a fast moving plot is really exceptional. The intensity and intricacies in the dynamics of a family struggling to cope with loss, and the echoes and reverberation of loss were expressed very well. I personally found The Holder's Dominion to be very eye opening. It revealed a way of experiencing a unique set of circumstances such that they became constituent parts of an alchemical sort of formulation that blended loss, hope, rebirth, fantasy, frustration and wanting to take positive action and make things right, combined with the humility to admit one does not always see everything around them perfectly the first time. It's wonderful food for thought for a run afterwards, or a long walk.” —Timothy Mitchell, highly ranked World of Warcraft player

“With its climatic chapters, I can’t remember the last time a book kept me in such suspense like The Holder’s Dominion.” —Sarah Cypher, CEO, The Threepenny Editor

"Through Davis’ work, my fledgling relationship with ‘gamer’s lit’ has evolved into a full-blown love affair. . . . The best part about The Holder’s Dominion is the way Davis relates the game playing.  It is a story within a story.  You’re not going to hear about which button she pushed or what happened on Kaylie’s computer screen. . ." —Seacoast Online

"Davis is really good at putting the reader into both worlds effortlessly. You forget that the characters are actually just sitting at computers playing a game rather than truly being within the world of Edannair. The world she has created for the game is very thought out and fully realized that I felt I was reading a fantasy novel instead. Because of this, despite not being familiar with this culture of gamers, I had no problem getting sucked into the story." —MariReads